As with most kinds of entertainment, escape rooms differ between the US, Europe and Asia. An it may also come as no surprise that they are the craziest in Asian countries.  For example Malaysia is full of Escape Rooms. Escaperoomdirectory lists over 100 rooms in the country. Maybe it’s the peoples adventure or scare seeking nature that made mystery and horror themed rooms a big thing. I wonder if that is all it takes for the genre to become a big thing in any European or American city. For a sneek peak into the industry over there you can watch this video:

Singapore is another center of escape games in Asia. They tend to open up rooms that seem like they have licensed themes, just to disappoint you when you read the description. There is a room called Dark Souls, which of course has nothing to do with the video game by the same name. I came a cross a room called Resident Evil. It even had the dogs from the video games on it’s poster, but if you read the description, you’ll find that they basically changed the back story of the games/slash movies, and made a room based on that. A room called Inception does he same with the movies, and a Tomb Raider themed one managed to somehow leave out Lara Croft from the back story. Now, I’m not suggesting these rooms are bad in any way, it’s just funny to see how the Chamber of Secrets has nothing to do with the Harry Potter books.

Escape rooms are on a whole different level in China. This escape room TV show for example has Asian celebrities escape from crazy rooms. In the first one for example, if you can’t solve some puzzles or answer correctly to questions in a short amount of time you may be dropped into a black hole referred to as The Abyss. Now how cool would it be to swap a season of “Whichever country’s got talent” to live escape game shows on national TV. I for one hope that we’ll see something similar in Europe or the US. I know, the UK had The Crystal Maze and the US Survivor, but just watch the video, and you’ll understand where I’m coming from. Extra kudos for English subtitles on the otherwise Chinese video!