There are some uber-fans of escape rooms out there, who go out of their way to gather information about escape rooms. I previously used a link to the website . The amount of data this guy gathered is kind of amazing. You’ll find more than 800 rooms and companies all around the world, categorized by city and country. But keep in mind, this is not a review site, so don’t expect any advice on the listed rooms.


There is a guy in the UK, who seems very passionate about escape rooms. So passionate in fact, that he started a blog about the escape rooms in the UK. He has a map, where you can see all the rooms he found, and he also has reviews, voucher news and interviews sometimes. If you’re looking for insight on the topic, his site could be useful.

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This is the UK map from acts as a small hub for the escape rooms fans. You’ll find reviews, discount news and information about new rooms, but the interesting bit is, that you’ll probably also find the other website owners leaving a comment every now and then.