Escape Rooms, Live Escape Games, Real-Life Room Escapes, they go by many names, but they all refer to the same thing. A relatively new form of live, interactive entertainment that is popping up all around the world.

Think of an Escape Room as a big puzzle. You and a group of friends, family members, co-workers are locked in a room or multiple, interconnected rooms and have to escape under a set amount of time. You have to look for clues, hints in order to solve puzzles and proceed to the next area or the next puzzle. Most people that try an escape room will come back looking for more. It’s addictive, it’s challenging, it can get really intense and sometimes scary, and it’s a rapidly growing industry. Which is good news for everyone who likes to try as many of them as they can access.

For the lazy people, here’s a video about clueQuest, one of the rooms in London, which pretty much explains the same thing I just wrote.

Wikipedia has an article about escape rooms named Real-life room escape. I’m fairly sure this name won’t catch on, and in the future they’ll change the title of the article, but for now lets stick with what we have. According to this wiki it all started in either Switzerland or Hungary. Considering that there are currently only three rooms in all of Switzerland, whereas there are around 35 in Budapest only, I would say the craze caught on mainly in Hungary, and started spreading from there to other European countries. By craze I mean that the number of rooms since 2011 grew from a couple rooms in Europe to around 8-900 all around the world.

Escape rooms are huge in Singapore. This is a picture from Xcape.

In a market as varied as this, you’ll find all kinds of types of rooms with a lot of themes. Horror, pirate treasure hunt, zombie apocalypse, spy training, and a LOT of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Ever since the Sherlock Holmes title is in the public domain, everyone is free to open a murder scene room about the worlds most famous detective.

So if you’d like to try an escape room,  just search for one in your city or country, or the city you are taking a vacation in maybe, and have an awesome time! There is also a very dedicated dude, who collected a lot of escape rooms and categorized them by Country and City. So, on his behalf, you’re welcome.